MW-2430 Large Base Quad Cane


– Wide-set quad feet for increasing loading weight and balance

– Off-set handle design offers increased stability, relax hand and elbow

– Soft-grip handle comfortably reduces stress on the hands and joints

– One-button to adjust the height with a locking ring, adjustable height for 70-93 cm, with anti rattle collar and cone tips with rubber caps to avoid slipping

– The maximum weight capacity: 115 kg/ 250 lbs

– Suitable for both left-handers and right-handers

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The Obbomed large base quad cane is designed for people who need additional assistance with balance and stability. The quad wide-set feet on a large base allows for multiple points of contact and increases loading weight with each step. Offset handle offers even more stability, while soft grip reduces stress on hands. The height can be adjusted at the requested of users. The cane can be used by both left-handers and right-handers. The weight capacity is 115 kg/ 250 lbs.

Product Specifications
70-93 cm/ 27.5-36.6 inches
Aluminum shine
Material :
Aluminum + EVA + rubber
Weight Capacity:
115 kg/ 250 lbs
Item Weight: