SM-7500 Adjustable Mesh Lumbar with Wooden Beaded Massage Seat


– Lumbar support keeps spine in proper alignment (Tutorial Video: //

– Beaded massage seat for extra comfort, support and air circulation

– 2 long adjustable vertical straps for affixing the cushion to seat

– Short adjustable straps allow users to select shape/tension

– Extra- size stainless steel frame maintains shape without distortion

– Mesh fabric allows nice air circulation for additional comfort

– Ideal for car, office, or home use

– Linen-braided and velour-covered seats for your preferences

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The Adjustable Mesh Lumbar Support with Beaded Massage Seat is ideal for car seats, office chairs, or anywhere you need comfortable lumbar support and seating. Complete with vertical adjustable straps to shape for your personal use, mesh fabric for ventilation and beaded seat for extra comfort. Perfect for reducing stress and alleviating aches. Two covers, linen-braided and velour-covered ones, are available.

Product Specifications
Dimensions :
Back Size: 52 x 41 cm / 20 x 16 inches
Seat Size: 41 x 41 cm / 16 x 16 inches
Color :
Material :
Wooden beads, steel frame, polyester belt and mesh fabric
Latex :