SW-7210 Natural Wooden Beaded Car Seat Cover – 127 x 38 cm


Features :

  • Adjustable Length: Multiple reserved holes on the upper side of the seat cover are designed to secure the seat cover to the headrest to your desired place.
  • Bigger reserved holes in the middle of the seat cover strap can be used for headrest with one post; smaller reserved holes can be used for headrest with two posts.
  • 100% environmentally friendly natural wooden beads.
  • The beads are strung with durable nylon cords.
  • The gaps between the beads help to promote air circulation when you sit on it, keeping your back and thighs dry and cool.
  • The beads massage the back, thighs and hips with every slight movement that a person makes, which is similar to acupressure that helps to relieve fatigue and pain due to long sitting hours.
  • 2 horizontal back straps and 2 front hooks double ensure the car seat cover to stay firmly on the seat.
  • The straps are adjustable allowing the seat cover to fit to most seats with back as desired.
  • Ideal for car, home and office chairs.
  • PP straps for durability – do not lose its functionality even after long periods of usage and exposure to sunlight.

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The ObboMed SW-7210 Wooden Beaded Seat Cover Cushion is a great companion for people who need to drive or sit for long hours. It provides good air ventilation and gentle massage simply by effortlessly sitting on a seat that’s covered with it.

This seat cover can be used on most car seats or chairs with a back. We have specially designed the triple securing ways to attach the seat cover cushion to car seats or chairs to make sure the seat cover doesn’t shift around while you are sitting on it and that it can be universally fit to most seats.


Content :

  • Wooden Beaded Seat Cover Cushion


Specification :

  • Dimensions : 127 x 38 cm
  • Material : Wooden Beads / Nylon Cord


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